[Kea-users] Subnets in MySQL/MariaDB

Jan Sielemann jan.sielemann at jsiit.info
Sat May 4 23:45:45 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm relatively new to KEA. I just wanted to check out the follow-up to
DHCPD, especially because of the ability to store host-reservations in DB.

I successfully mastered hosts-definition yet, but my vision is to store
as much configuration as possible inside the DB. I see, there are a lot
of tables - also one for subnets.

Since I only defined "lease-database" and "hosts-database" in my
kea-dhcp4.conf, I wonder if KEA would also have access to subnets and so on.

My feeling is, that the MySQL-Part is not documented that detailed I
would like it to be - it took a little time to get the hosts
running...but maybe my fault :)

Can someone give me a hint for further investigation on the MySQL-Topic?

Best regards,

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