[Kea-users] ISC Kea missing from Debian Buster

Kevin Olbrich ko at sv01.de
Sat May 25 09:20:11 UTC 2019


This sounds good to me. Indeed I would like to test them.
I've got a lot of virtual routers in different places (400x) that ship with
Kea from Sury's repo using stretch.
As the next rollout gets closer, I already switched to Buster (which should
also become stable soon).

Currently I use this to build some test VMs:
(Feel free to use everyone - does not build currently).

As you can see, I tried to mix the dependencies which obviously did not

I might have to say that my requirements are rather low on DHCP
configuration. Most of my setups use the MySQL integration, PXE, etc. - I
am unfamiliar with classes.
On the other hand, my setups are rather "large" scale (up to 4.000 users /
leases per instance).

If the test releases are available through a repository like Sury's, I am
happy with that. I will then build images and try them using some real
traffic (large public wifi mesh network - all kinds of devices - lot of

Kind regards

Am Fr., 24. Mai 2019 um 11:57 Uhr schrieb Michal Nowikowski <godfryd at isc.org

> Hello,
> We (ISC) plan to provide RPM and DEB packages for various systems.
> We would like to start offering these package 4 weeks after Kea 1.6 beta,
> this is end of June. Still we want to have Kea also present in distros.
> This is extra way for getting Kea, and also latest Kea.
> If you are interested in testing these packages let me know.
> I will let you know when they are available and point you
> to some instructions.
> Regards,
> Michal
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> The current 1.5 builds properly, and works in Stretch, and should work
> fine for buster. I just pushed another very minor fix recently.
> I do not have the power to push the package into any of the repos (I need
> my GPG key signed) . However, I know Ondrej can do that.
> Jason
> On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 4:47 AM Kevin Olbrich <ko at sv01.de> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Kea is in Stretch and Sid but missing from Buster.
>> Sury's repo also does only provide builds for stretch and jessie.
>> The last time we talked about the packaging process, work was in progress.
>> Are there any news? The freeze time is over and I looks like, we might
>> not get a stable Kea into Buster(?).
>> Kind regards
>> Kevin
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