[Kea-users] How to disable dhcp6?

Cristian Lemnaru cristian.lemnaru at rcs-rds.ro
Thu Dec 3 08:06:45 UTC 2020


please edit in this file : /usr/local/etc/kea/keactrl.conf

the following field: dhcp6

the result should be like this :

# Start DHCPv6 server?

save file, and then restart

#keactrl restart

Best regards,

On 12/2/20 5:36 PM, Nicolas wrote:
> Hello,
> Long time dhcpd user, I'm discovering Kea and Stork.
> I'm starting with a single server hosting dhcp4 and Stork.
> As I'm not using dhcp6, I thought I was right to remove the sockets 
> definition for dhcp6 from /etc/kea/kea-ctrl-agent.conf
> Now, Stork agent is complaining :
> "problem with connecting to dhcp daemon: unable to forward command to 
> the dhcp6 service: No such file or directory."
> Neither on Stork agent or server, nor in the web gui, I found no place 
> to explain Stork to stop worrying about any missing dhcp6 setup, as I 
> want none.
> If there's no way to prevent this, must I set up a dhcp6 server which 
> will refuse every query?

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