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Hi Xavier,

I think using separate mysql Server for 2 dhcp Servers somehow invalidates the Overall Concept. In my case the 2 KEA DHCP Servers are running fine on one database. For the configuration backend there are even Server identifiers that can be provided to separate particular Settings between Servers. The Problem I currently have is how to administrate the configuration backend if the REST API hooks are only available as Paid versions.



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This is why I wanted to ask what is the recommended way to administrate the DHCP Server with MySQL configuration backend without those hooks or if there is a way to get the hooks for personal use for free (or a much smaller fee).

>From our own experience (because we didn’t get any response from the mailing list) :
- one kea server -> on mysql (or one database if you have a cluster).

If you have 2 kea servers, then use another mysql server (or if you don’t want to have another mysql server, just add another distinct database on your cluster).

We found that because it seems to have lock when updating / whatever an entry on the DB.



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