Tomek Mrugalski tomek at isc.org
Thu Jul 16 08:58:42 UTC 2020

On 15.07.2020 15:41, José Luís wrote:
> I really took a look on "stork" and it's really powerful. But what I 
> want is something simple, just to view, not monitor, like a simple 
> localhost in the kea-machine. 
So you want to run everything locally? You can deploy stork agent and 
server on the same machine as Kea.

What sort of information would you like to view? Right now we can show 
networks, subnets and reservations. A basic log viewing coming in 
August. Leases are next after that.

Stork being actively developed and understanding what users feel is 
missing there is important. Obviously, Stork is still in its early days 
and there are lots of missing features. But we're adding new stuff quickly.

> I also looked at the kea-anterius project 
> and it looks softer, however it hasn't been updated for more than two 
> years. I'll keep searching or maybe try to built something by my own. If 
It was a GSOC project and the student involved moved on to other things. 
Roughly a year ago we looked at it briefly and decided that there's too 
many things that require rewriting and decided to start from a clean 
slate. That's how Stork came to be.


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