[Kea-users] Working instance of MAP-T (RFC-7599) on dhcpd6?

Geist, Dan (CCI-Atlanta) Dan.Geist at cox.com
Mon Jun 22 15:12:46 UTC 2020

I've been working through the configuration to provide MAP-T rules to a dhcpv6 population via the published option. I'm fairly new to Kea, so could use a bit of help with both the options themselves and the config syntax. The DMR and 46-rule options are pretty straightforward, but the portmap rules aren't very clean in the docs. I'm trying to implement the following:

DMR: 2001:yyyy:e3a7:1::0/64

V4 Prefix:

V4 bit length: 8

V6 Prefix: 2001:xxxx:30::/48

EA bit length: 14

PSID Length: 6

PSID Offset 6

The items I can't find a "home" for are the EA bit length, and PSID length and offset. Also, how do you properly define the options such that the parser doesn't complain when it hit the "space" stanzas (that's a simple newbie Kea problem, hopefully)? All of the PDs for my CPEs are within the /48 listed and the setup works properly if simply bypass the DHCP aspect and hard-code the WAN and MAP values in the CPE (in this case, a virtual OpenWRT ).

BTW, I know the V4 prefix in use is still RFC1918, but in the context of my development space, it's the "public shared block".

Here's my example:

# DHCPv6 configuration starts here.



# Add names of interfaces to listen on.

  "interfaces-config": {

    "interfaces": [ "eth0" ]


  "option-data": [


      "name": "s46-cont-mapt",



      "space": "s46-cont-mapt-options",

      "name": "s46-rule",

      "data": "128, 14, 24,, 2001:xxxx:30::/48"



      "space": "s46-cont-mapt-options",

      "name": "s46-dmr",

      "data": "2001:yyyy:e3a7:1::0/64"



      "space": "s46-rule-options",

      "name": "s46-portparams",

      "data": "2, 3/4"



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