[Kea-users] Multiple mac-addresses for the same IP

iztok Gregori iztok.gregori at elettra.eu
Wed Jun 24 06:52:44 UTC 2020

Hi to all!

First apologize me if the topic was already covered in other 
discussions, I've briefly searched the archives with no luck.

We are in the process to migrate our ISC DHCPD servers to KEA (using 
mariadb as backend). Everything worked fine until we tried to insert 2 
different mac-addresses, belonging to a unique host (wifi and wired 
interfaces) with the same IP/subnet as we used to do on DHCPD. The 
insert returned and error:

Duplicate entry '2355692056-14010520' for key 

I've checked the database and saw that the 
'key_dhcp4_ipv4_address_subnet_id' is a UNIQUE index, therfor having 
multiple mac-addresses for the same IP is not possible.

Now comes my questions:

- First, am I wrong to conclude that aving multiple mac-addresses for 
the same IP is not possible?

- Second, if this is true what is the rationale behind it?

- Third, there is a workaround or a better solution for our problem (we 
like to have the same IP for the same host regardless if it's on 
wireless or wired)?

- Third and a half, changing the index to NON unique is a possible 
workaround? What are the consequences?

Thank you for your time.


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