[Kea-users] kea dhcp4 doesn't record ip address, mac address and hostname in mysql

Makhdoom Naeem makhdoomnaeem at nfciet.edu.pk
Fri May 14 13:36:40 UTC 2021

Hi all,

{ "Dhcp4":


  "server-tag": "all",

// Kea is told to listen on ethX interface only.
  "interfaces-config": {
    "interfaces": [ "enp10s0" ]

  "config-control": {
        // A list of database backends to connect to. Currently, it is
        // to a single backend.
        "config-databases": [
                "type": "mysql",
                "name": "research_platform_db",
                "user": "makhdoomnaeem",
                "password": "Naeem0000",
                "host": "localhost",
                "port": 3306
        // Controls how often the server polls the database for the
        // configuration updates. The setting below implies that it
        // will take up to approx. 20 seconds for the server to
        // discover and fetch configuration changes.
        "config-fetch-wait-time": 20

    // This defines a control socket. If defined, Kea will open a UNIX
    // and will listen for incoming commands. See section 17 of the Kea ARM
    // details.
    "control-socket": {
        "socket-type": "unix",
        "socket-name": "/tmp/kea4-ctrl-socket"

    // Hooks libraries that enable configuration backend are loaded.
    "hooks-libraries": [
        // The libdhcp_mysql_cb.so is required to use MySQL Configuration
        // Backend.
            "library": "/usr/local/lib/kea/hooks/libdhcp_mysql_cb.so"
            "library": "/usr/local/lib/kea/hooks/libdhcp_lease_cmds.so"
             "command": "lease4-add",
             "arguments": {
                 "ip-address": "",
                 "hw-address": "34:17:eb:66:a4:9d"


// Addresses will be assigned with a lifetime of 4000 seconds.
  "valid-lifetime": 4000,

  "host-reservation-identifiers": [ "hw-address" ],

  "hosts-database": {
    "type": "mysql",
    "name": "research_platform_db",
    "user": "makhdoomnaeem",
    "password": "Naeem0000",
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 3306

  "subnet4": [
       "pools": [ { "pool":  " -" } ],
       "subnet": "",
        "interface": "enp10s0",

        "reservation-mode": "all",
        "reservations": [

// This is a reservation for a specific hardware/MAC address. It's a very
// simple reservation: just an address and nothing else.
             "hw-address": "34:17:eb:66:a4:9d",
             "ip-address": "",
             "hostname": "12345"




Please let me know

Best Regards
Makhdoom Muhammad Naeem
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology
Phone # +92619220012, Ext 2289 <%2B92619220012%2C%20Ext%202231>
Email: makhdoomnaeem at gmail.com
makhdoomnaeem at nfciet.edu.pk



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