[stork-users] BIND9 and stork

Jesse McDermid jesse.mcdermid at mahaska.org
Tue Dec 22 22:34:37 UTC 2020

Stork 0.14
Ubuntu 18

I am trying out using Stork with our DNS server. I have been able to add the DNS server to Stork and it shows basic information about the machine (kernel version, platform, uptime, etc.) along with zone count. I am not seeing any statistics. The Query Hit Ratio shows a white exclamation in a red field.

When I checked the logs on the Stork server, I saw error messages like "problem with retrieving stats from named: failed to send named stats command via the agent, BIND9 is still not responding". I have verified that I can run rndc status and rndc stats as the stork-agent user. I also verified that I can do a wget to fetch the stats from the DNS server.

What can I do next to troubleshoot?


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