[stork-users] BIND9 and stork

Jesse McDermid jesse.mcdermid at mahaska.org
Wed Dec 23 15:29:49 UTC 2020


Thanks for the response. The problem appears to be that named is not configured with JSON. I'm working with what is in the CentOS repos which does not include JSON support, though it sounds like they might be adding it in the near future.

Do you know of some way to add JSON support without building from scratch?



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Subject: Re: [stork-users] BIND9 and stork
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Hi Jesse,

A couple of things I can think of:

- Is named configured with json? Does the statistics channel produce
   json formatted stats?

- What is your configured "controls" clause? Stork will only maintain
   one control channel, so if you have multiple lines here, perhaps add
   the one Stork needs to use as first.

- The same yields for "statistics-channel".

- Do you have the rndc key configured in named.conf?

Good luck, best regards,


On 22-12-2020 23:34, Jesse McDermid wrote:
> Stork 0.14
> Ubuntu 18
> I am trying out using Stork with our DNS server. I have been able to 
> add the DNS server to Stork and it shows basic information about the 
> machine (kernel version, platform, uptime, etc.) along with zone 
> count. I am not seeing any statistics. The Query Hit Ratio shows a 
> white exclamation in a red field.
> When I checked the logs on the Stork server, I saw error messages like 
> ?problem with retrieving stats from named: failed to send named stats 
> command via the agent, BIND9 is still not responding?. 
> I have verified that I can run rndc status and rndc stats as the 
> stork-agent user. I also verified that I can do a wget to fetch the 
> stats from the DNS server.
> What can I do next to troubleshoot?
> Thanks,
> Jesse

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