how to send notify message to specific server

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Sun Mar 26 23:20:38 UTC 2000

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>PS: PLEASE don't use invented domains like or fake IP
>addresses when you post questions to this list. Always use the actual
>names and addresses. For one thing, it makes troubleshooting easier.
>It also makes it a lot easier to provide clear answers when the real
>domain names and addresses can be quoted rather than abstract,
>invented ones. And sometimes those made-up names or addresses really
>do exist. For instance, the domains and
>*really* exist.

While I understand this, I believe I read at some point that is
registered to someone (ICANN, ISC, InterNIC) specifically to allow its use
as a testbed, without breaking things (ie, if you want to put in
your local servers, and play with it, you won't break connectivity to the
real  Is this the case?


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