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Mon Mar 27 09:20:14 UTC 2000

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> From: "Josh Higham" <jhigham at>

> I believe I read at some point that is
> registered to someone (ICANN, ISC, InterNIC) specifically to allow its use
> as a testbed, without breaking things (ie, if you want to put in
> your local servers, and play with it, you won't break connectivity to the
> real  Is this the case?

   The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) --- currently has the
   following second level domain names reserved which can be used as

(RFC 2606)

Note that the above quote says "used as examples", not "used as a test
bed". Since those domains are subdomains of existing TLDs, DNS lookups
will behave differently than for e.g. the "test." TLD.

      ".test" is recommended for use in testing of current or new DNS
      related code.

(RFC 2606)


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