Premature EOF fetching "zone"

Denis.Hickey Denis.Hickey at
Mon Mar 12 16:01:18 UTC 2001

Yes you're right, I realised after my email went that the master would be
picking up any syntax errors. The zone is, primary,
secondary &

I have reinstalled BInd in case of anything funny with the first install,
but no luck.


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>>>>> "Denis" == Denis Hickey <Denis.Hickey at> writes:

    Denis> One intersting thing. When I do a AXFR using dig I get 1256
    Denis> records returned (there are over 6000 records in the master
    Denis> file) Is it possible that a syntax error on the hosts.db
    Denis> file is causing it, although I get the same problem on the
    Denis> reverse db.

Why can't you get to the point and supply the names and addresses of
the name servers and the zone name? That way someone might be able to
poke around your server and find the problem for you. This would be a
lot more productive than "it could be this", "it might be that"
guesswork. If there had been syntax errors in the zone files, the
server would have refused to load them, screamed about that in the
logs and made itself non-authoritative for the zones. Have you read
the logs? What do they say? And anyway if your name server was not
authoritative, the slave's zone transfers wouldn't even start.

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