Premature EOF fetching "zone"

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 12 16:32:51 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Denis" == Denis Hickey <Denis.Hickey at> writes:

    Denis> Yes you're right, I realised after my email went that the
    Denis> master would be picking up any syntax errors. The zone is
    Denis>, primary, secondary &

Well, your zone's slave servers all have the same SOA serial number
(2001030809). So something you've added to the zone on the master
server since that version of the zone is making them barf on zone
transfers. Check your change logs and version control system -- you do
have these, don't you? -- to see what has changed in the zone file since
then. Your master server says it is answering authoritatively. So that
would tend to suggest you've added some RR type to the zone file that
isn't understood by the slave servers. Since your servers won't let me
so a zone transfer, it's not possible to say what that strange RR type
might be. Or even if there is one there.

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