Help moving my Domainname.

Alexander Stade alex at
Sat Mar 10 08:08:42 UTC 2001

What NSI does really doesn't have an impact directly on the BIND package. I 
would solicit their technical support as I don't know too much about your 
situtation. Typically there are forms you can fill out and e-mail back to 
hostmaster at These are fairely straightforward and I 
suggest that you do a search on Google to get help on how to use these.

This is a BIND mailing list, not a NSI support forum. Take no offense to 
this, but I don't think people would like to get to digging into filing 
forms and stuff for you here.


At 05:25 AM 3/17/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>I setup my own bind linux server at my office and had networksolutions point
>the DNS 1 and DNS 2 to this computer.  I now need to move the domain
>from this computer to another one.
>I deleted the zone from within the named.conf file and told networksolutions
>to move
>my DNS enteries to the new servers.  I think I'm doing something wrong or
>I'm missing
>something because Networksolutions hasn't moved it yet and my database entry
>at Networksolutions keeps getting updated about every 12 hours and its been
>about a week.
>Am I suppost to release the domain from its current DNS servers somehow?  I
>think networksolutions still believes that my OLD DNS servers are still
>Any help would be very appreciated..
>David Hawkinson
>davidhawkinson at

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