Troubles with 8.2.3-REL and AAAA records.

Pawel Rogocz pawel at
Mon Mar 26 01:05:00 UTC 2001


I've been using using for a while an IPv6 enabled IE on a Win2k box, when
I realized that many sites become unavailable to me, once they upgraded
to 8.2.3. An IPv6 enabled web browser initially sends a
query for AAAA record and then it tries A type. The problem is 8.2.3 will
return NXDOMAIN when queried for AAAA and because of negative caching
in LDNS, the following query for A record will fail as well.
I was wondering if this is something that you guys are aware of, and if a
patch is in the works before I will be disconnected entirely from the
Internet :-)




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