Troubles with 8.2.3-REL and AAAA records.

tmaestas at tmaestas at
Mon Mar 26 01:19:43 UTC 2001

	When a query of type AAAA comes in for a record that
	only exists as an A, the server should not return
	NXDOMAIN.  It should return an empty response, containing
	only the SOA of the zone.

	This being the case, it looks like something else might
	be wrong with your setup.


On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Pawel Rogocz wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been using using for a while an IPv6 enabled IE on a Win2k box, when
> I realized that many sites become unavailable to me, once they upgraded
> to 8.2.3. An IPv6 enabled web browser initially sends a
> query for AAAA record and then it tries A type. The problem is 8.2.3 will
> return NXDOMAIN when queried for AAAA and because of negative caching
> in LDNS, the following query for A record will fail as well.
> I was wondering if this is something that you guys are aware of, and if a
> patch is in the works before I will be disconnected entirely from the
> Internet :-)
> cheers,
> Pawel   

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