odd reverse delegation problem

Barry Margolin barmar at genuity.net
Fri Oct 5 20:57:31 UTC 2001

In article <9pkvp3$ldl at pub3.rc.vix.com>,
Thomas R. Wike <twike at unix01.voicenet.com> wrote:
>We also have a class C which we obtained from a former ISP with whom we
>are no longer on the best of terms. Reverse DNS lookups remain broken for
>this class C, even though the NS records for the class C at that ISP point
>to our name servers. (My apologies, but my employer will not allow me to
>provide the actual IP in this public forum.)  I understand the lack of a
>listing at ARIN for that class C may be the problem.

Only if the ISP doesn't own the entire /16.

>I can't determine why the reverse DNS would suddenly stop working.

Follow the chain of delegation records down from the root servers and see
where they stop.  The administrator of the last server you encounter needs
to implement the fix.

>Can anyone provide a reasonable guess as to why the reverse DNS suddenly
>stopped working about 3 weeks ago?
>Was there some sort of transition or event which may have occured at ARIN
>or elsewhere that flushed a (potentially very) old cache?

ARIN's delegations used to be installed directly on the root servers, but a
few weeks ago delegations for all the /8's that ARIN is delegating out of
were put on the root servers, pointing to ARIN's servers.

209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	ARROWROOT.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	BUCHU.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	CHIA.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	DILL.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	EPAZOTE.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	FIGWORT.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	GINSENG.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	HENNA.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	INDIGO.ARIN.NET.
209.in-addr.arpa.	1D IN NS	JERK.ARIN.NET.

However, unless ARIN messed up something in moving the sub-delegations to
their servers, I don't see why this should cause any change in being able
to resolve something.

Barry Margolin, barmar at genuity.net
Genuity, Woburn, MA
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