Internal AND External DNS client config?

phn at phn at
Tue Jun 4 07:20:14 UTC 2002

Joseph <joseph85750 at> wrote:

> I have BIND 9.1.3 on a RedHat Linux 7.1 serving my internal LAN.

> Is it possible to configure my internal DNS such that if an external
> DNS lookup (Internet) is sent to the internal DNS, the internal DNS
> will forward the lookup to the external DNS?  I've read of something
> using 'forwarders', but can't get the syntax correct.

I'll suggest you locate the documentation that comes with bind. 

It has answers on most of your questions, it also has answers 
on lot's of questions you never know about !

> What would be an example of configuration(s) for the internal DNS
> server to permit this?

Depends on your exact needs. 

> Thanks

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