non-domain entries

Marc Storck marc at
Thu Jun 20 18:58:54 UTC 2002

unnecessary, and for resolution to you have to add that line to the zone of

for reverse DNS you have to add the entry to the zone file for the network



At 14:29 20.06.2002 -0400, Bruce Embrey wrote:

>Is it possible to have a DNS entry that references one of our ip addresses
>but a host name for another domain? The machine is physically located in
>our domain. Here is an example and it would be placed just below SOA but
>above the $ ORIGIN section:
>               IN      A
>The reason is we will be assigning one of our ip addresses to a virtual web
>server. The virtual web server will have a hostname of
>Will this work or is there a better way to accomodate this situation.
>Bruce Embrey
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