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> Hello,
> I am looking to consolidate DNS to a single platform for all systems on
> our network.  Currently BIND8 is being used for all name resolution.  We
> will be adding a large Active Directory environment, and am looking for
> the best way to implement DNS.  What we do not want is all WinXP/2000
> workstations DNS entries to show up in the BIND files, but want the AD
> and Windows DNS to synchronize, but not completely.  I am envisioning
> having DNS on Windows handle the AD servers and workstations, and the
> BIND8 servers to handle everything else.  I would like to have all
> entries in BIND8 synced to AD DNS, but not the other way.  My questions
> are as follows:
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> Can I currently do this with BIND8?  Need to implement BIND9?
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> Can I have BIND9 be the primary AD DNS supporting DDNS?  Does this need
> to support GSS-TSIG updates?
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> What are the possibilities of having BIND8 be primary to Windows DNS
> servers, and keep our administration in BIND8 rather than move over to
> Windows DNS for central DNS administration?
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> I know this may pose more questions for Microsoft DNS folks, but I want
> to get the capabilities of BIND to see if it will be possible to
> maintain BIND as the central DNS service for the whole environment.
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> Thanks,
> Chris
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> Concordant, Inc.
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Isn't the most obvious design applicable ? Placing ad in a sub-domain
and having wintendo nameservers servicing that subdomain ?

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