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Fri Nov 5 13:53:27 UTC 2004

"Kevin Darcy" <kcd at> wrote in message 
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> Brent Atkerson wrote:
>>Hello group,
>>I am no where near a whiz at DNS but had it set up and running fine for a
>>couple of years.  Well, until recently.  I received a new block of IP
>>addresses a week or so ago and had my router configured and thought
>>everything is fine however I still have some sites that are not accessible
>>using www..  For example today from here I am not able to access
>> but I AM able to access 
>>which seems very weird to me.  IF I put the IP address of the server in my
>>hosts file and associate it with I am able to
>>access it using the www.  The DNS information (zone files, name servers at
>>registrar, etc.) have been changed for about a week now and am still 
>>this problem.
> Well, both and resolve just fine
> for me, and is not aliased or delegated in any way,
> so both names should be equally resolvable (or unresolvable).
> Of course, you haven't really described your name-resolution
> infrastructure at all, so one can only speculate what your problem may
> be. Most fundamentally, are you forwarding your queries, or does your
> nameserver try to resolve names itself by following delegations and
> asking the authoritative nameservers? If you're forwarding, verify that
> your forwarders are providing recursive service: if they're not, then
> this might explain why you can resolve (which might
> have been in the forwarder's cache) but not (which
> might have been absent). If you're not forwarding, try querying names
> from the authoritative servers directly.
>                                                - Kevin

Well, I hate to say this Kevin but I cannot answer any of those questions. 
I can however offer this.  They are now working for me too.  I went to my 
registrar and deleted one of my secondaries and saved the changes and things 
work fine now.  I am going through all my domains now and resaving the 
current settings (a little slower now than I did when preparing for the 
change in IP address).  So, hopefully that will solve any lingering problems 
that users have not told me about yet.

Brent Atkerson

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