DNS Management Packages?

Steve Fletty fletty at umn.edu
Wed Jan 5 18:02:20 UTC 2005

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Subject: Re: DNS Management Packages?

> On Jan 5, 2005, at 10:08 AM, Steve Fletty wrote:
>> Is anyone doing distributed management of their DNS?
>> Here at the University of Minnesota, we're currently using Qip (which 
>> we're
>> not happy with) to allow LAN admins around campus to manage their 
>> particular
>> domains and IP address ranges.
>> This distributed approach gets the day-to-day DNS stuff out of the
>> engineering group.
>> Is there any package, either commercial or otherwise, which addresses 
>> this
>> sort of non-centralized DNS managment?
> I'm curious, what features/capabilities are you looking for?
> If you were to identify what you need then maybe someone, or some company, 
> could address your concerns.  I'm sure that this is NOT an issue isolated 
> to just your group, which means that this is a more common problem that 
> may have a could/should be addressed by someone.
> Bill Larson

Qip allows us to delegate managemant of a domian(s) and subnet(s) to a LAN 
admin(s). They are then responsbile for all their own day to day DNS 
changes. Qip does this pretty well. I won't go into it's many other system 

My questions was, among other DNS mangement packages, which of them solve 
the distributed managment prolbem, where you have many admins around your 
organization who make changes on their stuff?

I don't want a package that looks at the world only from a highly 
centralized viewpoint, where you have a handful of super users who make all 
the changes.

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