DNS Management Packages?

Steve Fletty fletty at umn.edu
Thu Jan 6 21:29:31 UTC 2005

Sauron, eh? One package to BIND them. ;-)

At what scale are people using webmin? Anyone with hundreds of LAN admins 
each responsible for their piece of the DNS pie?

I've often been disappointed with the limitations of those "free" tools. 
That and the usually crappy documentation.

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>> | Commercially there's at least Namesurfer from Nixu, www.namesurfer.com.
>> | Quite a bit lighter than QIP.
>> |
>> | Regards,
>> | Janne
>> Umm,
>> There is webmin
> Yes, that was mentioned already earlier.
> Also these are worth mentioning, though they like to manage DHCP also.
> In no particular order:
> Sauron, http://sauron.jyu.fi/
> Maintain, http://osuosl.org/projects/maintain
> Netreg, http://www.net.cmu.edu/netreg/
> Regards,
> Janne

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