DNS Management Packages?

Alan V. Shackelford ashackel at jhmi.edu
Thu Jan 6 23:33:23 UTC 2005

I use webmin for many things in my DNS, and only have one complaint. 
It doesn't do the careful job I would do in keeping the zone data 
files alphabetized and orderly. Big deal, right? Not really, but it 
was a sad day when all those years of diligent housekeeping began to 
erode. It handles views well, and I enjoy using it.

My favorite by far was the MenandMice product, but it was way more 
expensive than any other S/W I ever thought about buying, and the 
bosses would not go for it. In those days it did not support views. I 
don't know about today. But it was very nice.

Steve Fletty wrote:
> Sauron, eh? One package to BIND them. ;-)
> At what scale are people using webmin? Anyone with hundreds of LAN admins 
> each responsible for their piece of the DNS pie?
> I've often been disappointed with the limitations of those "free" tools. 
> That and the usually crappy documentation.
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>>>| Commercially there's at least Namesurfer from Nixu, www.namesurfer.com.
>>>| Quite a bit lighter than QIP.
>>>| Regards,
>>>| Janne
>>>There is webmin
>>Yes, that was mentioned already earlier.
>>Also these are worth mentioning, though they like to manage DHCP also.
>>In no particular order:
>>Sauron, http://sauron.jyu.fi/
>>Maintain, http://osuosl.org/projects/maintain
>>Netreg, http://www.net.cmu.edu/netreg/

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