DNS Management Packages?

Joe Quanaim jdq at lucent.com
Fri Jan 7 01:55:10 UTC 2005

d.needles at comcast.net wrote:
> Steve,
> There are about 80 different vendors out there. Of these the enterprise
> level packages I've seen include: InControl by INS (aquired Diamond IP)
>   QIP by Lucent
>   CNR by Cisco
>   NetID by Nortel
> QIP is pretty comprehensive but rigid and nearing end of life. 

QIP is not nearing end of life.  It is actively developed and maintained.

> CNR was an 
> aquired product and limited in scope. NetID has many features but lacks in
> areas and is similarly at end of life. After the big bust Lucent, Cisco,
> and Nortel are all more focused on hardware and their core areas. InControl
> is pretty comprehensive and early in its lifecycle. It incorporates lessons
> learned, being created by the some of the core engineers from Quadritek,
> the founders of QIP. The down side is it's a smaller organization. So if
> the 'big blue' type mentality reigns, it can be difficult to move in for
> political reasons. Overall though it is a technically superior solution. 
> There are many other solutions, but they tend to facilitate individual DNS
> and DHCP management and do not provide comprehensive network block, device,
> and IP management.
> I hope that helps
> Thanks
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> Daniel L. Needles
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> > Is anyone doing distributed management of their DNS?
> >
> > Here at the University of Minnesota, we're currently using Qip (which
> > we're not happy with) to allow LAN admins around campus to manage their
> > particular domains and IP address ranges.
> >
> > This distributed approach gets the day-to-day DNS stuff out of the
> > engineering group.
> >
> > Is there any package, either commercial or otherwise, which addresses
> > this sort of non-centralized DNS managment?
> >
> > I haven't kept up on what's out there in terms of management packages.
> > I'm just starting to look into options and would appreciate any info.
> >
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> > Steve Fletty
> > fletty at umn.edu

Joe Quanaim.

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