DNS Management Packages?

James Philpott jamesp at metainfo.com
Fri Jan 7 20:29:57 UTC 2005

Steve, et al -

I'm answering with a bit of self interest here but Meta IP from
MetaInfo, where I work, is a full featured and stable solution for DNS 
(& DHCP) administration that works well from very large and disparate 
DNS installations down to small Ma & Pa Kettle networks. We've been at 
it for 6 years and it is a full fledged IP Address Management (IPAM) 

Here's a link to an IP address management study done annually by 
Forrester in which we are included along with several ones not mentioned 
to you previously in this thread. I provide it not only because it makes 
us look good but because it is an independent evaluation of many of the 
IPAM solutions in the market today. (My apologies but you will have to 
register to download as that is our agreement with Forrester. Your 
contact information will not be given to anyone other than MetaInfo.)


I'll not editorialize here but will point you to our website and ask you
to give me a call if I can be of any assistance.


Take Care,
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d.needles at comcast.net wrote:
> Steve,
> There are about 80 different vendors out there. Of these the enterprise level packages I've seen include:
>   InControl by INS (aquired Diamond IP)
>   QIP by Lucent 
>   CNR by Cisco
>   NetID by Nortel
> QIP is pretty comprehensive but rigid and nearing end of life. CNR was an aquired product and limited in scope. NetID has many features but lacks in areas and is similarly at end of life. After the big bust Lucent, Cisco, and Nortel are all more focused on hardware and their core areas. InControl is pretty comprehensive and early in its lifecycle. It incorporates lessons learned, being created by the some of the core engineers from Quadritek, the founders of QIP. The down side is it's a smaller organization. So if the 'big blue' type mentality reigns, it can be difficult to move in for political reasons. Overall though it is a technically superior solution.  There are many other solutions, but they tend to facilitate individual DNS and DHCP management and do not provide comprehensive network block, device, and IP management.
> I hope that helps
> Thanks
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> Daniel L. Needles 
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> -------------- Original message -------------- 
>>Is anyone doing distributed management of their DNS? 
>>Here at the University of Minnesota, we're currently using Qip (which we're 
>>not happy with) to allow LAN admins around campus to manage their particular 
>>domains and IP address ranges. 
>>This distributed approach gets the day-to-day DNS stuff out of the 
>>engineering group. 
>>Is there any package, either commercial or otherwise, which addresses this 
>>sort of non-centralized DNS managment? 
>>I haven't kept up on what's out there in terms of management packages. I'm 
>>just starting to look into options and would appreciate any info. 
>>Steve Fletty 
>>fletty at umn.edu 

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