different result between v8 and v9

Jay zh jayzh at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 7 10:17:45 UTC 2005


    A domain, for example, is a-example-dns.com, and its NS record ip is My client uses my DNS to query the NS record of a-example-dns.com. 
But my DNS can not reach to is not reachable). If I use bind 8 
as my DNS server, my client can get the NS record return. If I use bind 9 as 
DNS server, my client will get a timeout message.

   If is reachable, but it's a lame server, bind 9 will return 
"server fail". In bind 8, it will return the IP of NS record.

   Is it normal in bind 9? Which option do I need to set in named.conf that 
it can let bind 9 response NS record instead of timeout or server fail? Or 
it's just a design in bind 9? This question seems to be a FAQ. Can anyone 
give me a hint?

   Thanks a lot.

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