Purpose of /dev/tty in named

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Fri Jan 7 17:57:44 UTC 2005

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> If I do a "strings /usr/local/sbin/named", I see a reference to 
> "/dev/tty" (along with "/dev/null" and "/dev/random").  This use of 
> /dev/tty appears to be coming from the "isc_keyboard_open" function in
> lib/isc/unix/keyboard.c, which is used in lib/isc/entropy.c.
> Does "named" really use /dev/tty?  In particular, when configuring a 
> chroot environment for named, what possible consequences are there is
> a  /dev/tty isn't available in the chroot environment?

It's used for cryptographic functions. When the random device is not
available it prompts the user for input. /dev/tty cannot be used
normally for named since it's non-interactive.

See lib/isc/include/isc/entropy.h for details.


> Bill Larson

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