no 'nameser.h' on OSX install?

Bill Larson bind9 at
Thu Jan 13 17:36:33 UTC 2005

On Jan 13, 2005, at 9:00 AM, OpenMacNews wrote:

> i'm building bind930 on osx 10.3.7
> i note that the bind930 source tree includes
>     ./lib/bind/include/arpa:
>         inet.h
>         nameser.h
>         nameser_compat.h
> these files, iiuc, are needed on OSX for use by its BIND_8_COMPAT 
> directive.
> yet, when building --with-libbind, although libbind builds as 
> expected, i find
> no trace of the actual nameser.h in the _install_ dirs.

I just tried to duplicate your situation.  These files end up in 
"${prefix}/bind/include/arpa" and NOT the "${prefix}/include/arpa" that 
I would have expected.  Take a look at the "${prefix}/bind" locations 
for these files.

If these files DON'T exist in the "${prefix}/bind/include/arpa" 
directory, take a look at what is happening during your "make" and 
"make install" processes, they should be there.

To make these header files more accessible, you could either copy them 
to where ever would be best, such as "${prefix}/include/arpa", or 
create symbolic links to them.

Should this be considered a bug in the BIND sources?  I don't know.

Bill Larson

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