dns ? slow terminal services, exchange

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Jan 15 03:57:34 UTC 2005

And the reason that you are asking here and not in a Microsoft
newsgroup is what? This is the BIND newsgroup.


At 04:02 PM 1/14/2005, mfahey at sbcglobal.net wrote:
>Here is the problem so far:
>1. Terminal Services is extremely slow after you hit OK to login. Takes
>about 3 minutes for the desktop to come up. Sometimes after that you
>can close and reopen the session easily then at some point that I can't
>determine, it does the 3 minute wait again.
>2 Exchange server over the internet to the web interface is extremely
>slow just to get the login to come up. Then usually once you get the
>login it's quick to start up and bring you to the web page. Locally it
>runs PERFECT, that is to say through outlook. The same speed problem is
>experienced by accessing the local web page on the server from a
>workstation or going out to the internet interface.
>3 Web pages are also very slow to load initially.
>This is driving me crazy. I assume that it's a DNS problem but all
>resolutions seem to be working. I've done nslookup, without fail.
>DCDIAG and netdiag return no problem results. I've checked over the DNS
>entries multiple times. I think the SOA is burned into my retina. I'm
>wondering if deinstalling would reset everything or if it would pick up
>it's old settings after reinstall. I am open to any ideas. There is
>very little in the DNS event viewer. Just a note about the DNS service
>talking to the NAT service but i Have another server that does exactly
>the same thing and doesn't have any of these problems. I've watched the
>packets as they go back and forth but can't really make enough sense
>out of it. I'm open to any ideas and will let you knwo if I've tried
>them. I have taken the server completely off the network and hooked it
>to a laptop to make sure there's no faulty hardare chattering away.
>That did nothing. Same problem. I'l leave it at that. Please give me
>ideas, I'll tell you what I've tried.  This is the point where I don't
>mind going back to check that it's PLUGGED IN etc. Stupid ideas are
>welcome, after all this I might have forgotten something small. Thank

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