Upgrade from 9.2.1

Carl O carlo at canadapharmacy.com
Tue Jan 18 17:25:21 UTC 2005


I am trying to install bind from source on my debian linux pentium pro. The 
old version that debian provides, seems to have several security holes in it 
so I thought I would try building it from the source. Everything seems to 
.configure and make fine but when i actually try and run named it just goes 
right back to the command line without any sort of error at all. Needless to 
say name lookups dont work and the service isnt running. Also whenever I try 
and run rndc it gives me a " rndc: connect failed: connection refused " 
message. I never used that program to start named before but i also tried 
starting it from

' /usr/sbin/named -c /etc/bind/named.conf '

which just goes rigth back to the command prompt, not doing anything.
Named -v reports the version as 9.3.0 so i think i installed it correctly.

the configure line i used was

' ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc/bind --enable-threads '  (i 
have 2 cpus)

any help apreciated in getting this working. I am using my old named.conf 
from 9.2.1


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