dnssec-signzone crash on Windows 2000

Stefan Puiu stefanpuiu at itcnetworks.ro
Thu Jan 20 10:57:04 UTC 2005

Danny Mayer wrote:

> 9.2.4 should be stable and won't have the problem that you saw. The 
> output
> method changed in 9.3.0 which is why you had the problem. Is 9.3.0 not
> stable for you? What problems are you seeing? Did you report any of them?

If dnssec-signzone crashes all of the time, it's definitely not stable 
:). That's the only problem I've seen so far, and I've only tested zone 
signing and running named with a simple configuration on Windows. We'll 
be testing named a lot more in the following weeks, be sure that I'll 
come back if we find any issues, now that I know a bit more about the 

I know about the CHANGES file, but it couldn't have been of any use, 
since I understand it documents fixed bugs. I've also checked 

> Danny

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