dnssec-signzone crash on Windows 2000

mayer at gis.net mayer at gis.net
Thu Jan 20 14:01:24 UTC 2005

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> Danny Mayer wrote:
> >
> > 9.2.4 should be stable and won't have the problem that you saw. The 
> > output
> > method changed in 9.3.0 which is why you had the problem. Is 9.3.0
> > not stable for you? What problems are you seeing? Did you report any
> of them?
> If dnssec-signzone crashes all of the time, it's definitely not stable
> :). That's the only problem I've seen so far, and I've only tested
> zone  signing and running named with a simple configuration on
> Windows. We'll  be testing named a lot more in the following weeks, be
> sure that I'll  come back if we find any issues, now that I know a bit
> more about the  procedure.

That has to do with the way the output was changes as you found out.
Since you figured out the fix you shouldn't have any more problems
with it.

You should be aware that named-checkzone and named-checkconf broke
in the same way in 9.3.0 and the fix is the same. Hopefully all of
the fixes will be in 9.3.1.

If you do have crashes and since you do have the compiler it would be
very useful to know where it's crashing, the stack and the various
variable values. Not all crashes are specific to Windows. If this is
a multiprocessor you may see problems you don't get on a uniprocessor.

> I know about the CHANGES file, but it couldn't have been of any use, 
> since I understand it documents fixed bugs. I've also checked 

The RT bugs tracker is not public.


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> > Danny
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