help on multiple views configuration...

JPerez jperez at
Mon Jan 24 11:53:53 UTC 2005


we have our dns configured with two views, one to use with the private
(behind the firewall) view of the network, including the servers, and
the other to resolve to our public C class of ips, to access our
public dns, mail and web servers. the glue and reverse info is
$included in every zone config file.

we have an acl defining the private ip classes, and two defined views,
one whith the match-clients limited to the acl members --the private
view--, and another with the match-clients opened to any --the public

all works fine, except for the secondary nameservers transfers. the
secondary nameserver is too inside the firewall, and trasfer the zones
with the master, using the private ip class (

and here is the problem....when the primary and secondary servers
makes the zone transfers, always identify themselves using the private
ip classes, and then, the include files used are the same for the
private and for the public part.

can some one help me?


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