redirect access to a subdomain on internet to a local ip using windows 2000 dns

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Tue Jan 25 02:53:35 UTC 2005

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> I have a windows 2000 domain with Microsoft DNS running. I use a single
> label domain name (ie one without a "dot"). All memebers of my domain
> accessing a particular subdomain in the internet say
> should be directed to a local ip. At the same
> time access to should be to the original google server
> in the internet. is it possible?
> Would there be any benifit if i chnage to BIND as my DNS?
> thanks in advance

I think you can accomplish this in essentially the same way with either 
MS DNS or BIND.  Configure as a zone on the 
server, and create an Address record with the zone's name that resolves 
to the local IP.  This is not any different from how you create an 
Address record for

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