redirect access to a subdomain on internet to a local ip using windows 2000 dns

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Jan 25 03:43:58 UTC 2005

Sibi wrote:

>I have a windows 2000 domain with Microsoft DNS running. I use a single
>label domain name (ie one without a "dot"). All memebers of my domain
>accessing a particular subdomain in the internet say
> should be directed to a local ip. At the same
>time access to should be to the original google server
>in the internet. is it possible?
>Would there be any benifit if i chnage to BIND as my DNS?
In BIND, you could define or, if you prefer,, as a "master" zone, within which the name could resolve to an A record of your 
choosing. For that matter, you could define itself as a 
master zone, but then you'd be stuck trying to match every change made 
in the real zone, and that seems like way too much work if 
all you care about is a particular subdomain.

Don't know whether, or how, this same functionality would be possible 
using Microsoft DNS...

                                             - Kevin

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