Strang name resolution behavior

Dr. Harry Knitter harry at
Wed Apr 19 14:44:32 UTC 2006

Am Mittwoch, 19. April 2006 15:56 schrieb Stefan Puiu:
> Could it be that the hosts in mydomain.local. that you want to use are
> also defined in /etc/hosts? Because in that case the nameserver would
> not be queried.
no. If I had it in hosts, ping would work .

> So you're saying that with query logging enabled, BIND doesn't report
> any incoming queries when you try the commands/programs which fail to
> resolve?

> I re-read your initial mail and it's not clear from it - is resolution
> failing from the host running the nameserver? Or from linux hosts that
> are configured to use that nameserver? Are you querying the nameserver
> using host/dig from that same machine, or from another Linux box on
> the network?
both, the nameserver itself as well as the client show the same behaviour. 
Only Windows clients (a samba is acting as PDC on the same machine) use the 
nameserver for resolving, an that works. With linux-clients it doesn´t work 
as well as with the namesever istself.

Sounds strange, however, it is so.



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