Redirecting NXDOMAINS

Kevin Goodknecht [MVP] admin at nospam.WFTX.US
Sat Jun 10 21:00:30 UTC 2006

Dennis Skinner wrote:
> Hello,
> I have checked the ARM and the list archives, but I haven't been able
> to find out whether this is possible in bind.
> We would like to return a particular IP address instead of a negative
> response to DNS queries for non-existent sites.
> I know there may be some resistance to doing this from purists, but
> for a low-cost provider, any additional income we can generate by
> redirecting such requests to a search pages with ads that generate
> money, allows us to keep our costs low.
> I know several companies are charging for this service, but it seems
> such an easy modification can be done locally without having to pay
> the middleman.

This would not be a function you would want a DNS server to do. DNS would 
have to return a Wildcard record for unknown hosts. In effect, it would 
break recursion and forwarding because if your DNS did not have a record for 
the specific domain or host, it would return the wildcard.
This function already exists in Internet Explorer by allowing searches from 
the address bar, I suppose if you do some research, you can modify the 
search engine used when searching from the address bar.

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Kevin D. Goodknecht Sr. [MVP]
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