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Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at
Fri Aug 10 20:07:33 UTC 2007

On 10 Aug 2007, at 18:38, Adam Tkac wrote:

> This is about business. OS vendors try serve what they customers want.

	I wish!

> When some big OS vendor become "enlightened" and start rebase to  
> latest
> maintenance releases his customers will simply switch OS vendor  
> because
> they don't want this schema.

	Such enlightenment would be a very attractive option, from this
	customer's point of view.

	We've put significant effort into compensating for the
	determination of the vendor of our Linux-distro-of-choice to stay
	18 months or so behind updates recommended as 'critical' for key
	components of our infrastructure, such as OpenSSL or BIND.

	The vendor involved may have addressed the problem by now, but
	committing more resources to evaluating whether this is so and
	revising practices which we've taken care to make work isn't
	a particularly attractive course of action.

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