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Dan Letkeman danletkeman at
Mon Dec 7 18:41:28 UTC 2009

Yes I do need some kind of dns configuration.  We bought a hosted
accounting service from a company that has asked us to put a dns entry
into our dns servers so that our internal machines only can resolve
there hosted service via dns.  I guess they don't want to populate
there isp's dns servers with all of the dns entries for all of there

So with my limited knowledge of bind (using webmin to configure it) I
need to make an entry like this:  A

In our internal DNS servers.

I don't have any "internet side" dns, just internal.  I'm just a bit
unsure on what the best way to do this is, and I don't want to have to
append everyone's hosts file on there workstations.  I have many
master zones for our internal systems, and I have created all of the
nessesary records.  I have setup slave servers, and the whole bit.

So i'm wondering do I need to setup a master zone, and put in the A as an A record, and then have
the zone forward everything else?  Reason being is because our users
will still need to access other sites from the accounting company's


On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 11:43 AM, Kevin Darcy <kcd at> wrote:
> Dan Letkeman wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I need to add an entry in our dns servers for a hosted service we
>> purchased.  Do I just add a master zone and a single entry?  Or is
>> there a better way to add a single entry to forward to a remote
>> server?
> Maybe I'm not understanding your requirements. If this hosted service uses a
> name that's already populated in the Internet-facing DNS, why do you need
> any special DNS configuration at all? Why can't you resolve this like you
> resolve any other Internet name?
> Assuming that you _do_ in fact need some special configuration, for some
> reason, the zone types for (non-root) zones in BIND are: master, slave,
> forward, and stub. Each of them has benefits and disadvantages, but I'll
> defer that discussion until and unless it's determined that you need a
> special DNS configuration at all...
> - Kevin
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