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Thu Sep 23 20:10:31 UTC 2010

On Thu, 23 Sep 2010 15:53:26 -0400, Stewart Dean <sdean at> wrote:
> On AIX, I'm used to /etc/dns.  CentOS seems to place in /var/named.  Is
> there 
> any blessed, bestofallpossibleworlds place for the zone files.  I'm
> our 
> DNS from from AIX to CentOS/Fedora.  I'm inclined to create the /etc/dns
> dir but 
> maybe it'd be better to put it in /var/named.....Comments, brickbats?

I've worked with both. Prefer /var/named, but this is MY preference.

I'd suggest using whatever is the standard default for the operating
system you are running.  This allows new sysadmins to come in and be
productive quicker (but only a little quicker).  And then you have the
possiblity of using a "chroot" environment, which can mess everything up
even further.

Then again, I am saying to use the normal default OS directory to assist
new sysadmins.  I'd be a little scared of any sysadmin that came in and
couldn't deal with whatever was on the machine.

The real key is to use the directory that is specified in the named.conf
file, when in the "chroot" location that "named" runs with.  Guessing
causes mistakes, and "assume" means ...

Bill Larson

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