restart named; missing TCP socket

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Why use rndc to stop then the init script to start?   Is there no /etc/rc.d/rc.named restart?   On RHEL5 the init script has a restart option so it will stop then start.

If a socket is open then it could take a finite amount of time for it to close making it unavailable on the restart if you haven't given it time enough to cleanup.

If no restart option in init maybe try to add a sleep to your command line:
Rndc stop;sleep 5;/etc/rc.d/rc.named start

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I have had a few instances recently when named has failed to re-open its TCP listening socket after a restart. This is particularly likely if I try to bounce it quickly with a command line like

# rndc stop; /etc/rc.d/rc.named start

The servers in question are recursive (apart from a few local zones) with simple ACLs. (I have had the same problem on servers with less simple ACLs too.)

        listen-on-v6   { ::1; };
        listen-on      {; };
        allow-query    { localhost; };
        allow-transfer { localhost; };

What do others do to avoid this problem?

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