difference between default views in named_statistics.txt

benjamin fernandis benjo11111 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 18:05:25 UTC 2012


We are using bind as a recursive dns server in our college. It is working fine.

Now we need to make a report regarding QPS, NXDOMAIN, FORMAT ERROR,
Server Failure, Name Error, Not Implemented, Refused queries comes to
our recursive DNS SERVER.

For this we use named_statistics file which gives all information
regarding our requirement.

But when look in to named_statistics file, It shows below output,

cat /var/named/chroot/var/named/data/named_stats.txt

+++ Statistics Dump +++ (1356630443)
[View: _bind]
++ Name Server Statistics ++
                   4 IPv4 requests received
                   2 requests with EDNS(0) received
                   4 responses sent
                   2 responses with EDNS(0) sent
                   3 queries resulted in successful answer
                   4 queries resulted in non authoritative answer
                   1 queries resulted in NXDOMAIN
                   4 queries caused recursion
++ Zone Maintenance Statistics ++
++ Resolver Statistics ++
[View: default]
                  67 IPv4 queries sent
                  66 IPv4 responses received
                   3 NXDOMAIN received
                   8 FORMERR received
                   8 EDNS(0) query failures
                  10 query retries
                   2 query timeouts
                  12 IPv4 NS address fetches
                  21 DNSSEC validation attempted
                  16 DNSSEC validation succeeded
                   5 DNSSEC NX validation succeeded
                   6 queries with RTT 10-100ms
                  60 queries with RTT 100-500ms

While making report regarding our requirement, do we need to consider
Resolver Statistics or Name Server Statistics values ?

What will be difference between  view : default and view _bind ?

Because when we look on NXDOMAIN values view: default shows 3 and
view: _bind shows 1, so as we are playing recursive dns server role in
network, from which we consider correct value for our requirement ?

if is there any nice document to understand this statistics, please share it.

Best Regards,

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