reverse zone of type forward when /28 subnet

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Dec 27 23:03:39 UTC 2012

On 12/27/2012 03:05 AM, Dmitri Tarkhov wrote:
> But this small subzone cannot be used for direct reverse resolving right
> at my dns. It can only be done at class C (or B, or A) granularity.
> So to achieve exactly what I want I need to pull somehow this class C
> zone "" to my dns.

The problem seems to be that you are mixing apples and oranges. You 
_can_ resolve the 2317 names (such as at 
your authoritative server, what you can't do is resolve directly. So what? I realize that it's 
inconvenient (and I agree with Mark that the upstream should allow you 
to slave the zone), but other than for testing, every client that comes 
to your authoritative server will do so on a referral from your 
upstream, so it will work for name resolution from a resolver. That's 
what you care about most, right?

Rejoice in your working configuration, and move on ... life is too short 
to lose sleep over things like this.

hope this helps,


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