difference between default views in named_statistics.txt

benjamin fernandis benjo11111 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 05:25:12 UTC 2012

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your kind response. I enabled statistics channel and in
that i can see

Resolver Statistics for View _default


Resolver Statistics for View _bind

what is the difference between these two views which also same in
named_Statistics file.


On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 5:56 AM, Alan Clegg <alan at clegg.com> wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2012, at 1:05 PM, benjamin fernandis <benjo11111 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> cat /var/named/chroot/var/named/data/named_stats.txt
> While this may present what you want, I think you may be happier parsing the Statistics Channel...
> http://ftp.isc.org/isc/bind9/cur/9.9/doc/arm/Bv9ARM.ch06.html#statschannels
> While this points to the 9.9 ARM, but the statistics channel has existed since 9.5.
> AlanC
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