difference between default views in named_statistics.txt

Carsten Strotmann cas at strotmann.de
Sat Dec 29 10:48:53 UTC 2012

Hello Ben,

benjamin fernandis <benjo11111 at gmail.com> writes:

> Resolver Statistics for View _default
> and
> Resolver Statistics for View _bind
> what is the difference between these two views which also same in
> named_Statistics file.

BIND 9 has this unique feature called "views" (see the BIND 9 ARM
document for a in detail discussion of "views").

Even if no views are configured in the BIND 9 configuration file
"named.conf", BIND 9 has two "internal" views that always exist:
"_default" and "_bind". The view "_default" contains all DNS zones that
are defined in named.conf and do not belong to any extra configured

The view "_bind" contains all the build-in special zones that BIND 9
uses to report internal information in the CHAOS (CH) network class and
top level domain "bind" (authors.bind, version.bind, hostname.bind).

try: dig @<ip-of-your-dns-server> ch tx hostname.bind

So the statistics output give you information how many queries are
received for "normal" DNS zones (view _default) and the special build in
zone (view _bind).

Best regards

Carsten Strotmann

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