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My original post was about writing a report to optimize our DNS servers and
the report needed to address two questions.  Based on the answers I
received, I will write our servers are already optimized and no further
tuning is needed.

Now about the two specific questions for the report.

Q1 --  I don't believe the problem is DNS related.  However, I have not
been able to recreate the trouble so I don't know if there is any problem.
 As other list members have posted, they didn't have any problems with the
pages rendering either.  As far as asking me about the web sites staff,
well, I am the technical contact for our web sites.  Our Public Affairs
department handles content related issues and I take of all server related
things.  I will double check the web server, but it shouldn't be using any
rewrites for the main page.  And I don't know who is complaining about the
pages.  This question came from my boss.

Q2 --  The forwarders statement was added to our config file about six
years ago.  Some users complained they could not reach two or three
specific web sites outside our domain.  At that time, one of our network
staff members told me his nslookup for the sites were timing out.  I was
instructed to insert the forwarder statement with the main campus servers
acting as the forwarder.  The time outs stopped and people stopped
complaining.  I don't know that adding the forwarder statement actually
fixed any trouble but nslookups did not time out, people stopped
complaining, and my boss was happy.  (I know dig is better).
 Unfortunately, I don't remember which sites people were complaining about.


On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 8:11 AM, <WBrown at> wrote:

> "Adamiec, Lawrence" <ladamiec at> wrote on 11/26/2012
> 01:12:48 PM:
> > To the best of my knowledge, there are no problems with our DNS.  We
> > only host 25 domains.
> >
> > The report must also address these two specific questions:
> >
> > 1. Why does load quicker than in
> > any browser?
> Are you sure this is a DNS issue?  Test it by adding both to /etc/hosts
> (or Windows equal).   Reboot and flush all caches between tests.
> > 2. What happens if we remove the forwarders option from named.conf?
> Depends why you have the forwarders.
> .
> > I can't duplicate the issue in Q1 and I'm trying to determine a way
> > of testing Q2.
> Oh the joys of intermittent problems. Are you sure the issues reported as
> Q1 are real?  Have the web site folks been involved in discussions or are
> they just blaming DNS without testing anything?
> If possible sneak host file entries onto a handful of user machines and
> see if they still complain.
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