spf ent txt records.

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Mar 18 02:19:54 UTC 2013

> Vernon Schryver writes:

> > > to laziness, DNS is not rocket science, I'm sure given ARM and
> access to
> > > google, a 13yo kid could get at least the "basics" right.
> > 
> > Laziness?--nonsense.  Postel's Law and simple logic predict the

truth hurts eh.

Didn't see your original post, viewed and had to reply via Marks.
Seems your original scored 17 and was discarded

Mark said:
>The rational course would be to set a sunset date on TXT style spf
>records.  April 2016 looks like a good date.  10 years after RFC
>4408 was published.

I'd go along with that, if they can't get their act together within 3
years, then that IS pure laziness.

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