Mailing list "reply-to" setting

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Thu May 9 03:56:47 UTC 2013

On 5/8/2013 23:53, Michael McNally wrote:
> On 5/8/13 9:43 AM, Carlos M. martinez wrote:
>> Agreed, but, subject tagging is very useful for those who prefer to have
>> things hit your inbox first, before archiving. And there seems to be a
>> lot more agreement on the tagging issue than on the reply to.
> Unless your mail setup is extremely restricted in what it can filter
> on, you have several choices of header which can be used by an
> automated filter to detect and classify appropriately according to list.
> Personally I have procmail file bind-users traffic based on the
> "List-Id:" header, but I realize you may be in a different environment
> with different tools available.)
>    List-Id: BIND Users Mailing List <>
> Michael McNally
> ISC Support

I use Sieve, this is my filter syntax for bind-users:

if header :contains "list-id" "<>" {
  fileinto "INBOX/ML/bind-users";

Works with any other list that uses the list-id header.

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